I started my photography with film camera and a book about photography. When I captured my initial pictures, I realized how much I relished playing with camera and preserving every moment of time. I believe that the basis for everything in life is to live happy and preserve every experience that we encounter during the course of our journey. My background as a scientist really helped me stay focused, smart and professional that set me apart from other photographers. I enjoy my life and take an opportunity to share the joy of the happy lives of my friends and family. I am also an abstract painter who cherishes the beauty of colors, textures, patterns and compositions. Nothing brings me more joy then capturing precious moments and showcasing others as they re-experience the passed time and the emotions they share. This is why I take every opportunity to be part of any event that happens in our neighborhood or at my friends place or in relative’s special occasions. Being an easygoing person with flexible nature and organization skills with keen eye on every detail makes me unique and suits to the tag of a friendly photographer. I keep things simple yet professional during my photo shoot. As a father of two gorgeous kids, I am completely aware of the little ones tantrums and know how to handle them to get the best pictures out of their special day! In one word, patience and understanding are the hallmarks of my personality. I take things as and when happens and take time to get the right shot by making people comfortable. I try to do best and what I hear most often is, “those were excellent and beautiful pictures” after a session. It makes me satisfied and happy for creating a snapshot of your precious time in your life through my lens.     


I hope you enjoy my Gallery.